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Hearts is a thrilling multiplayer game, where your fate may be on the line with each flip of the card!

The Classic game springs to life. If you are new to Hearts, learn to play with our in-game tutorials.  For old Hearts pros, and new players, you'll be playing a game that looks a whole lot different that what you seen in the past.  Hardwood Hearts is full of Color and visual Effects.  Even the cards look great as the flip and turn like REAL playing cards!


Play as one of more than 30 Characters. You are more than just a handful of cards, you are a definitely a character!  Pick one of the whimsical characters to represent you in the game. You and your opponents could be Knights, Gnomes, or Maidens to name a few!  Show other players your true colors as each character is as highly customizable as you are individual.
Let your thoughts be known! Don't take any guff off some Knight! Blast him with a Fireball FOOM!   Fooms are special effects that you can throw at your opponents; great for letting them know how you feel about them.  Of course you might want to Throw a kiss!



Play the game that was voted as "Game of the year!"  With top notch graphics and fantasy characters, you can get away and take that break you deserve.  Play Hardwood Hearts online and make new friendships or just play by yourself, either way will be endless hours of fun! Just please remember to get some sleep okay?