The following are some error messages you may get during the unlock process and what they could mean and what the possible solution may be;

Unlock Code Is Incorrect

This can mean a couple of different things. The most obvious would be that your name is not entered correctly or your key was not entered correctly. Check and make sure that your name is written exactly as the email says or it will not work. Same goes for your unlock numbers. A typical name and unlock key combo should look something like this;

Smoot VonSmootenburger

If your name and key are entered correctly and that error still comes up, it is possible that your trying to unlock the incorrect game. Your code will only work for the title purchased. The name of the game the key is for should be somewhere in the email you were sent. Also note a key for PC will not work for MAC and vice versa. If none of these applies to you for this error please email

Unable To Resolve Host

This applies to Hardwood Solitaire 3 and Dangerous Mines. This can mean one of 2 things. These games require your internet access to be connected before you attempt the unlock process. This code will appear if you attempt to unlock without being first connected. Obviously the solution to this would be to make that connection. Alternately if you ARE connected and this message appears it means you have a firewall blocking the game from making its connection to the server. In this case you could either configure your firewall to allow the game to run or use the unlock via floppy method which will not be affected by your firewall. Detailed instructions for the unlock via floppy method are available here;

Again, if none of this applies to you, please email