What the heck are these binds!

Binds are shortcuts.  For instance in a game you can type "/jd2" in a ingame chat to say "Looky what I found!!"

Below is the entire list of default binds.   

:(=/me is not a happy camper!;
:)=/me smiles!;
:/=/me frets.;
:p=/me sticks out their tongue!;
:|=/me is not amused.;
b4n=Bye for now.;
bbl=I'll be back later.;
bed1=Bed time for bonzo!;
bed2=Whoa! It's way past my bedtime!;
bed3=/me really, really needs to go to bed!;
bg=/me sports a big ol' grin.;
bl=/me belly laughs!;
brb=I'll be right back.;
brb2=Nature calls, Be right back.;
brb3=/me runs to the kitchen looking for food and drink, and says "I'll Be right back!";
eg=/me dons an evil grin!;
gas={Whew smells like an Ogre in here!
gas2=/me looks around with a disgusted look and says "Okay who did it!"
h=/me hugs};
gdr=/me is grinning, ducking, and running;
glare=/me looks up from the table with an evil glare!;
glare2=/me looks up from the table with a glare that could kill a ogre!;
go=Go waterboy!;
gtsy=Good to see you!;
jd1=/me dances around the table, Jack of diamonds in hand!;
jd2=I got the Jack of Diamonds! Nener Nener Nee-ner!!;
jd3=Looky what I found!!;
jk=Just kidding.;
k=/me blows a kiss;
k2=/me plants a big ol' kiss;
loc=So where are you from?;
lol=/me laughs out loud!;
lotflol=/me is lying on the floor laughing out loud!;
qs1=No! Not the queen of spades!;
qs2=I'm a babe magnet! She can't resist my power of seduction!;
qs3=*#$@!@ *&#@&@! Queen!!;
qs4=/me crys, "I always get the queen!";
qs5=She's like a bad penny!;
rotfgu=/me rolls on the floor giggling uncontrollably!!;
rotl=/me rolls on the floor laughing!!;
safl=/me's sides ache from laughing!;
syl=See ya later!;
ttfn=Ta-ta for now!;
ttyl=Talk to you later!;
ty=Thank you.;
ty2=Hey thanks!;
vbg=/me grins from ear to ear!;
veg=/me displays a very evil grin!;
wb=Welcome back!;
wgn=/me waves goodnight.;
wince=/me winces in pain!;
wm=It wasn't me!;
wtf=/yell What the Heck!!?!?;
wtg=/yell Way to go!!;
wuf=So where are you from?;
zz1=/think zzzzzZZZZzzz;
zz2=/me falls asleep and drools over the cards.;
zz3=Wha? Huh? Uh guess I was asleep!;
zz4=/me drifts away into sleepyland while waiting for the next player to play!;
zz5=/me is counting sheep.;
zz6=Could you take a little longer please, trying to sleep here!!!;

 You can also use wildcards like "/jd*"  that will randomly pick from any of the binds that are named (jd1, jd2, jd3, etc)   

You can even make your own!  To make one you will want to use the chat log window. Here is the format:

 /bind <the word you want to bind> = <the thing you want to say or do>

For example:

/bind stink = I'll be right back, I need to take a shower! Wooo wee!

Or you should do an action:

/bind stink = /me really needs to take a shower!

If your name was Joe, it would then do an an action that said "Joe  really needs to take a shower!"


Lets talk about a few commands that modify your chat balloons.

1st there is the action  "/me" you can type this at the beginning of any chat (in game) and it will announce an action about you. like "Joe is great!"

/me's will add the " 's " to your name. so you could do "Joe's boot was planted firmly to Dan's behind"

/Yell  will make a spiky chat balloon useful for things like "Hey quick kicking me!!"

/think is used for thoughts you'd like to share. It will make a thought balloon.  "Hmm, do I look fat in the dress?"  

Some these are available by Right clicking on the chat balloon.


Well that's how they work!  have fun and Enjoy!